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Lost Moonshine Still Makes Car Fuel on Kitchen Table, While You Sleep

Moonshine Still Makes Car Fuel in Kitchen.

I'm writing because I know you want to make fuel and energy at home and I have found this secret little moonshine still that makes ethanol fuel for your car and it is so easy to operate.  It sits on your kitchen counter and will make fuel that runs in your car without modifications.  I'll even tell you how to turn it off automatically.

The problem with current stills are they cost nearly a thousand bucks for one that has a reasonable output and there is no automation, you have to baby sit the still the whole time, monitor its temperature, adjust the burner and more....this can be from 3 to 12 hours.  Who's got time for that.

I put out my first email about the still on Tuesday, and since then we've had people running through our website like Wal-Mart shoppers on black Friday.  I've sold out of books, zeolite, DVDs and the back log of stills are starting to ship Monday.  Luckily, I'm a publisher, I print books so I'll have books and DVDs in stock this week plus I get zeolite (for purifying alcohol) by the pallet and I have another pallet arriving this week.  If you want to get a still and you want it to arrive in the next 2 weeks, and before Christmas, then you'll have to order one now.  When the order button disappears from the site, we are out of stock and there will not be any more stills for 6+ weeks.  Our server has already crashed for 5 minutes twice in the last 3 days.  A LOT of people are watching the 22 minute free how to video we have at the top of the site.

Why is this little moonshine still so important.  Wait....listen to this.  I'll tell you some of the biggest problems with making alcohol, whether for illegal moonshine or for ethanol vehicle fuel; to get a reasonable output of something about a few quarts an hour at 190+ proof you need to have a monster of a still that probably is higher than the ceiling in your garage.  You've seen those tall columns sitting on top of pots....its gargantuan, a monstrosity.  Plus you have to sit there and BABY SIT the thing.  You have to monitor the temperature at the top of the column and turn the burner up and down to keep it in the temperature zone desired. 

This is a royal pain in the rear end and it takes many hours if not all day.  Normally it takes all day.  Who's got time for that.  Now to cool and condense the alcohol coming out of the column you need to have a garden hose hooked up for cooling water.  Propane tank, propane burner plus water hoses running to and from the still....this is getting complicated. To purify the alcohol and to get the last bit of water out of it so you can mix it with gasoline in any ratio, you need to use a substance called zeolite.  Its a type of hard ceramic silicate bead that has billions of little holes in it that allows water in, but not alcohol.   If you wanted zeolite before I came along you were paying 2x to 4x more than I am selling it for.  Its available on our website now.  Other people took advantage of you and overcharged.  The bigger problem is that NO ONE would tell you EXACTLY how to use the zeolite.   Instructions were obscure and not exact.   The details were written for an industrial chemist and not for a kitchen, and its NOT that hard. 

Luckily for you I (Steven Harris) know a thing or two about industrial chemistry.  I made a 45 minute STEP BY STEP video that shows you HOW to use the Zeolite to purify the alcohol PLUS I show you step by step how to regenerate the zeolite in an oven so you can use it over and over and over.  I am the ONLY person in the WORLD that has a video that explains this and its available to you now. 

The solution to all the problems I mentioned is this secret little moonshine still I found.   It runs off electricity so there is no propane or burner.  I show you how to use a wall timer on it so now its automated and it shuts itself off on its own.   Since it shuts itself on its own you can set it and forget it.  Just walk away and it makes alcohol fuel for you while you are gone.  I set mine to run 3 times a day, before I go to work, after I get home from work and before I go to bed.  It works when I am not there.  This little moonshine still is fan cooled.  It has a fan built in the top that cools and condenses the alcohol in its coils in the top so NO cooling water is needed.  Its as easy to use as a coffee maker.  Pour in your fermented mash, plug it in, set the timer and walk away.   How do you ferment the mash.... I have a step by step video for that and its 100% free and you can watch it right now so you know how easy it is to do it.

Have you heard of triple distilled vodka.  Its distilled 3 times right. To make Ethanol Fuel you need to distill it 4 times.  This is why we do NOT have to have a huge column that goes through your ceiling.  That column height is to get you alcohol purity.  We get purity by distilling it 4 times and then cleaning it up with zeolite.  So you distill your first batch, then you put that batch back into the still, set the timer, and let it run.  Then you do it twice again and you have 4x distilled 89%-92% Ethanol that you clean up to 95% to 99% ethanol with the ceramic zeolite beads. 

Questions, Answers and FACTS
* The still is made of stainless steel so its durable and will last a very long time. 
* It produces fuel alcohol for you at home, on your kitchen counter.
* It can operate safely when you are not there.
* This is what Henry Ford envisioned when he made the Model T, home production of fuel.
* Of 300 million people in the USA not even 5,000 have made their own alcohol fuel at home.
    You can be one of the few to own this knowledge.
* Making Alcohol is considered a Black Art, a Lost Science.  Its so easy,  Our videos reveal
   the step by step instructions on how to do it.
* No ONE makes how to - step by step videos better than Steven Harris (me).
* Its LEGAL to own a still in the USA.
* Its LEGAL to make fuel alcohol with a free permit from the federal government
* Most all vehicles 1983 and newer will run on 50% Gasoline and 50% Alcohol with
  NO Modification needed to the vehicle.  This is very well documented in the book Alcohol Can Be a Gas.
* You CAN make alcohol fuel at home and run it in your car.
* Our Still and kit costs 1/3rd of what a larger NON-automated system would cost.
  There is no cheaper way of starting to make distilled alcohol than what we have.
* You can make more alcohol automatically by just adding more counter top stills.

Your first few batches of alcohol are made from sugar, water and bread yeast.  As the video shows, you start with 10 pounds of sugar, 4.25 gallons of water and a  packet of yeast.  I have a free 20 minute online video at the link below that shows you every single step to ferment and distill.  This will make just under a half gallon of 190 proof or 95% Ethanol Alcohol that can be mixed with gasoline.  If you were going to make 40% (80 Proof) Vodka Moonshine than this would be equal to 1.25 gallons of 80 proof vodka.  This would be about six bottles called "fifths" which are 1/5th a gallon of alcohol but as I TOLD you...making moonshine for drinking in the USA is illegal.  The permit to make ethanol fuel is free.  If you were living on some deserted tropical island, making alcohol to drink from sugar is a very cheap way of making alcohol.

After you've mixed, fermented, distilled, purified your alcohol and mixed it with gasoline you've now got an education that is not taught in any college in the USA.  Of the 300 Million+ people in the USA, there are not even 5,000 that have made their own alcohol fuel and used it.  I show and supply everything for you to be one of these few people.  This is something that can go on your resume, seriously.  Want a better job and want to work in the energy field...this is a good first step right here.  Saying," I drove to this interview on fuel that I made." is one heck of an impressive statement.

For all of those who emailed me, the still runs on only 320 watts, it takes 50 cents to a buck worth of electricity to run the still.   So if you start making alcohol from 2 day old donuts, out of date bread (called farm bread), or pastry droppings from a bakery or from waste coke syrup from a bottling company (near every city) or if you buy stripped molasses etc... you can make fuel at home pretty cheap.  A lot cheaper than buying gasoline.  One of the customers of this very alcohol still you are looking at bought 1900 pounds of sugar for $114 at a salvage grocery store.  There are hundreds of these, if not more, all around the USA.  This is enough sugar to make 155 gallons of 200 proof Ethanol Alcohol Fuel.  Now that is cheap fuel and this little automated table top still will do it.  When you buy a still from us I instantly have emailed to you an entire list of all of the salvage grocery stores that we know of in the USA.  Here is a secret, making alcohol from 2 day old donuts that you get locally is even cheaper than making it from 1900 pounds of sugar for $114.   Everything you need to know, step by step with photos, to turn donuts into alcohol, is in the book Alcohol Can be a Gas (sold at the website below).  Look for the 6 step starch conversion process.  Get the book and everything even cheaper in the super combo deals I have.

So if you are ready to get your home alcohol fuel still, then click the link below and get it. <-- Buy the Lost Table Top Moonshine Still for Car Fuel.

I even have a COMBO Deal that gives you the Still, a Measurement Kit for Alcohol Strength, a fermentation starter kit with an 8 gallon pail, fermentation lock,super turbo yeast so you can ferment and start distilling in as little as 2 days, the book Alcohol Can Be a Gas plus the COMBO has the Alcohol Can Be a Gas DVD, plus you get 5 pounds of reusable zeolite to purify the alcohol from  90% to 99% plus I throw in my famous book Sunshine to Dollars AND I give you free USA Shipping. (Plus I have a special Canadian order page)

Who is Steven Harris and Why is he Qualified to Sell Me This ?
What qualifies me to do this research and work and to produce these products.  For one thing I was a development engineer for Chrysler Corporation and DaimlerChrysler for 10 years.  All I did was vehicle development work on Jeeps and Dodge Trucks, plus an occasional assortment of minivans and other smaller vehicles.  I lived ate and breathed vehicle development work and I worked in the Scientific Labs.  I have a full bumper to bumper understanding of the vehicle.   All my time at Chrysler I worked with Roy McAlister on the side doing energy development work, then when I left DaimlerChrysler in 2000 I went full time into doing nothing but energy consulting and research and development.  Hydrogen, fuel cells, biogas, gasification of wood, manure and the use of the these gases in cars, engines, trucks, tractors and more.  Plus I authored a book on solar energy (free with the above COMBO).  Its the most hands on, DIY book there is on REAL solar energy, and I mean solar energy that heats water, heats air and heats your house, plus high temperature solar energy.  So many people loved my first book and wanted so much  more and to know so much  more that I started a publishing company that does nothing but publish all of the best books ever written on any energy subject you can think of.  Solar, Wind, Biomass, Hydro, Hydrogen, Fuel Cells etc.... and we also author, shoot and produce our own DVDs and other videos that are instructional HOW-TOs on all of the energy questions that you have to ask.  

365 Day Satisfaction Guaranteed Guarantee
We have an unconditional 365 Day Guarantee on everything you buy from us.  It'll work just as we described it would, as long as you follow our directions, or your money back.   There is no risk and no worry.  We are known for our fast response to emails, fast shipping and protecting you and your interests.  Everything works exactly as described because not only did I do it, but I did it many times to find the best way, and then I did it even more times to make the video to show you how I did it, why I did it.  You saw me do it once in the video, I really did it 12 times.  We are all about enabling you.  Just email us, return the items and we'll process your refund. <-- Buy the Lost Table Top Moonshine Still for Car Fuel.
Do NOT forget to check out the COMBO deal on the page where you can get EVERYTHING at a special discount.  For you Canadians out there, because SO MANY of you guys wrote us, you'll find we put up a dedicated order page just for Canadians.

The Moonshine TV show has made these Stills VERY Popular...I'm selling out fast
I only have 4 Pallets of the Stills.  One is gone already, its already sold and starts to ship Monday.  We restock on books, DVDs and Zeolite this week, then we'll start shipping again.  I only have so many of these items and then I turn OFF the button on the website and then you cannot order.   We are getting things in as fast as we can and are shipping as fast as we can.   If you want to get a still in the next few weeks, you'll have to order now.

This is an education that is NOT given in ANY college in the USA.   This is an education you cannot get elsewhere.  I have it all here for you, step by step.  You can be one of the few people in the USA (or Canada) who has ever made their own alcohol fuel in any quantity.  Even if you only make a half gallon at first you understand the magic and you've DONE IT and not just talked about it. You are a million miles ahead of every idiot that just blabbers away about "You can" and "you should" and "they better" blab blah blah.  For every 1000 or 10,000 people that talk about doing something, only ONE person does it.  BE ONE OF THE ONE.

You would not still be reading this WAY down here if you were not interested.  If this did not get you going, if it did not keep you awake at night thinking of the possibilities you would not be interested.  Most of the blah blah blah zombies are not reading down here.  Congratulations, take the next step and continue your education and DO something. 

Do you know the definition of insanity.  Its doing the same thing and expecting a different result.  Nothing is going to change unless you make it change.  Stop fooling yourself.  One person can make a difference and one person (you) can teach many others and be an example and model for all.  Your excitement and enthusiasm is contagious and others will listen to you about this subject but they'll only listen to you if you have done it and are not one of the blah blah blah zombies who has never done anything. <-- Buy the Lost Table Top Moonshine Still for Car Fuel.
Do NOT forget to check out the COMBO deal on the page where you can get EVERYTHING at a special discount.  For you Canadians out there, because SO MANY of you guys wrote us, you'll find we put up a dedicated order page just for Canadians.

All my Best...and as always, thank you for being one of our subscribers and customers, we could not do this without you.

Steven Harris
CEO KnowledgePublications

Steven Harris
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